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Best support in all the right places and the softest material.

Lea Broc @leabroc

I can't find better quality anywhere else! I live in Baumara leggings.

Anna Shearer @annashearerr

Good quality leggings and totally squat proof. I'm 5 ft 2, wearing 7/8 length still works as a full leg length for me, no hemming needed!

Vivian Ho @vivmaisonvogue

Just got my Baumara leggings and they feel amazing. I had a workout that day & Felt hugged & supported in all the right places. Bright & energetic they are. My new fave brand.

Jane ShellsCafe @shellscafe

The leggings are fantastic-they feel really good to wear out and exercise in. They stay put, hold everything in, but are super soft, and the waistline hits at the perfect spot. The stripes also give a really good line!

Lisa @lisaw5

I am totally in love with Baumara leggings. The colours really pop, the quality and feel of the material is perfect...Strong but soft. Super supportive, super cool!

Katie Gordine @katieandberts

Love the Baumara leggings, such an amazing quality!! Perfect for both strength training workouts and yoga.

Ruby @poseandrepeat

Took my black ''Fearless'' leggings for a long run to test them out and they performed like a champ! Sweat and squat proof, with a tight but soft grip from the waist. Highly recommend!

Liisa Pärnpuu @p2rnpuu

I got the ''Be Right Back'' leggings and they are so comfy and beautiful. The colors are exactly as on the picture, the material is perfect and doesn't shine through.

Maria Baum @username

I absolutely love Baumara leggings, the fit is perfect and the quality is AMAZING, I recommend them to all my friends!

Issey Galtrow @issey.giltrow

The comfiest leggings I've ever worn, the material is the perfect combination of softness, thickness and compression! Also great length and perfect fit.

Tierney Heap @tierneyheap

These leggings are even prettier in real life than in the pictures. I love this beautiful blue color and the material feels high quality.

Stefani Laurits @stefanilaurits

I love these leggings! They fit super well and make my bum look amazing. Very nice material, breathing and sits well.

Anette @anettttte

These are such a perfect legging! Super flattering, stretchy material that feels breathable at the same time. I wear them for gym sessions or for spin all the time. Will buy again!

Nancy Flewelling @n_flewelling

The leggings fit like a glove and are so soft, they're the most comfortable leggings I've ever had. I love that I don't have to yank them up my legs or move them once they are on.

Mel Brady @melalbas

Excellent quality clothing! Very good customer service and delivery.

Jay B @jasdeep2001

Amazing quality, wash very well and very soft! I would recommend purchasing.

Olivia Cleary @liv.cleary

Excellent product - super designs, good quality and super comfy. Products delivered in recycled packaging which is great!

Irene Moore @imoore1501

Amazing , most comfortable and best quality clothing you will ever buy.

Janat Elahi @janat_elahi

Absolutely love them. I ordered them for the gym but ended up using them as my ''all day every day'' leggings as I am too lazy to go to the gym but don't want them to just sit in my closet. They feel just right. Not too tight nor loose, not too thick or too lose. Wash extremely well and keep their shape.

Elis Anton @theelisanton

I love my white leggings, the print is so unique and great for a gym to day time urban look

Bianca Kirn @biancakirn

Such a lovely leggings! Really comfortable, soft and the fit is perfect. The fabric quality and the fact it's squat proof is a big plus

Lisa Towell @lisa_towell

You know the heavenly feeling when you put on leggings and they are so buttery soft and fit like a glove, and that high waist that doesn't cut in - yep, that's Baumara quality for you! Bonus, no adjusting needed during workout!

Heleen Laurisson @h_la

Absolutely in love! The quality of this clothing is amazing down to all the small details, (best quality hoodie I own) will definitely be purchasing more from here.

Paige Varrall @paigevarrall

I'm obsessed with their leggings! Love the fabric it's super comfortable and it feels great when working out! Highly recommend their leggings, definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Clelie Chanting

They are the only leggings that aren't too tight but still stand up without slipping. Still wear the leggings every week, it's so comfy!

Yasmine Hahn @yasminehahn

These are the best leggings ever!! I love the colours & they’re super soft. Very figure flattering with just the right amount of stretch.

Eve Prillop

Amazing, most comfortable, best quality clothing you will ever buy. I really recommend you buy them since it’s best place to spend your money on clothing. Since they are all made with great quality materials and are extremely comfortable.

Mrs Tina Elahi

Fits like butter! Amazing quality

Shaya Honar